Responsible Alcohol/Liquor Compliance

A hospitality establishment’s Liquor Licence is, arguably, its most important asset.

Victoria, and Australia more generally, boasts a vibrant hospitality and tourism industry with a culture of appreciating fine food and entertainment. The sale and enjoyment of alcohol is part of this. But holding a liquor licence is a privilege, not a right, and selling alcohol comes with very real and serious obligations.

Government Regulators are responsible for ensuring that sale and  supply of alcohol is conducted in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations. The purpose of these laws is to establish a fair, consistent and appropriate approach to the liquor compliance activities undertaken by regulators.

Activities Monitored for Liquor Compliance

Regulators routinely carry out many activities to monitor alcohol compliance. These activities, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct inspections and monitor licensees to ensure they are compliant with the gambling and liquor legislation in accordance with inspection system;
  • Conduct investigations into gambling and liquor matters;
  • Contribute to the assessment and development of ongoing liquor compliance programs;
  • Ensure they meet relevant standards and guidelines;
  • Identify and recommend appropriate compliance strategies and outcomes;
  • Provide relevant information to assist in liquor compliance; and
  • Work with other regulatory agencies in addressing gambling or liquor compliance issues.

Regulators focus their compliance activities on those who are given authority (i.e. the licensees) in the liquor industry to ensure they meet their legal obligations.

LBA Streamlines The Alcohol Compliance Process

At Leigh Barrett and Associates we have liquor compliance specialists who:

  • Regularly provide advice to establishments regarding liquor compliance issues;
  • Assist establishments in making alterations to their approved liquor-licensed areas; and
  • Negotiate on behalf of the establishment with the Liquor Regulator regarding specific compliance issues
  • We also develop a venue-specific range of policies and procedures to help licensees understand their liquor licence and associated responsibilities.

Contact our experts via our website or call us on (03) 9404 1642 to get more information on the various aspects of our liquor compliance services.