Policy Development & Reviews

In the hospitality industry, compliance policy and procedure documents are required for running the business smoothly. There is no doubt, however, that the development of these compliance policies and procedures can be very lengthy and time-consuming.

Develop & Implement Venue Compliance Policies & Procedures

Hospitality businesses often develop compliance policies and procedures over many years, and they end up being non-consistent and non-compliant with legislation and regulation. This creates confusion and often ends in expensive litigation or legal penalties.  

LBA Provides Compliance Policy Development and Implementation Services That:

  • Review a venue's existing constitution, rules, policies and procedures;
  • Amends documents to ensure that they are current, coherent and consistent;
  • Develops and implements new venue policies and procedures;
  • Provides Board/Committee and management induction training; and
  • Are cost-competitive and cost-efficient

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