Occupational Health and Safety Training Programs

Occupational health and safety (OH&S) is something employers often tend to overlook and it is frequently not accounted for in business budgets.

As a business owner you have legal responsibilities to develop and implement OH&S practices in your workplace as soon as you start your business. The creation of a safe work environment is not only a legal requirement but is also critical to the term success of your business over time. It can help you keep your staff long-term, maximise your employees’ productivity and minimise illnesses/injuries in the workplace.

WHS Training Programs

When it comes to the business world, occupational health and safety compliance programs should be at the top of any executive priority list, these processes are just as important as sales and marketing to the successes and failures of any company. Businesses that do not adequately protect their workers and customers from injuries and hazards often suffer substantial penalties, including deregistration and huge fines.

Across Australia, it is the responsibility of all employers to provide regular and relevant Occupation health & safety training to employees and also to provide an induction for any contractors who come onsite. Where physical protection is must, businesses must have adequate facilities to protect workers from injuries on the premises. Each business needs to make sure that they do not create OH&S compliance problems for their employees, visitors, volunteers, clients or general public.

OH&S policies, procedures and training must clearly define and address:

  • Slips and trips;
  • Musculoskeletal hazards;
  • Manual handling;
  • Good housekeeping;
  • Falls;
  • Workplace bullying and harassment;
  • First aid basics;
  • Risk identification and management;
  • Managing chemicals; and
  • Rehabilitation/Return to work 

OH&S incidents can happen without warning and in every type of workplace, so it is critical that you are prepared for any emergencies that could happen with first-aid kits and people who are trained to deal with such situations.

Up to 92% of injuries within the hospitality and food services industry are caused due to stress on the muscles from heavy lifting, carrying and putting down objects.

At Leigh Barrett and Associates we have tailored OH&S compliance programs that cover the development of policies, procedures and onsite and offsite training to various industries throughout Australia, including regular audits to ensure compliance.

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