Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Posted October 16, 2017

At a recent top-up application hearing at the VCGLR, the Commission asked whether front-of-house staff who work outside the gaming room were required by the venue to have a current Responsible Service of Gaming  (RSG) certificate.

Although it is not a legal requirement for non-gaming staff to have a current RSG certificate, the Commission indicated that this requirement of staff would be a sign of venue “best practice” in responsible gambling and customer care.

There is research evidence showing that a significant proportion of people who admit to a gambling problem do so at a point outside the gaming machine area.  It is therefore, important that bistro, reception and TAB staff are aware of the venue’s responsible gambling policies and procedures and of responsible gambling more generally.

If you decide that your venue should adopt this element of responsible gambling “best practice”, LBA has negotiated a discounted rate for staff to complete the RSG Course either online or face-to-face group sessions.  Please contact to arrange.