Food Safety Program Records Really Are Important

Food Safety Program Records Really Are Important

Posted January 27, 2015

The main reason for LBA auditors to conduct unannounced venue compliance audits is to ensure that venue staff are following the instructions of venue management.

LBA auditors frequently find that food area temperature check logs or cleaning logs (that need to be completed daily) have not been kept up-to-date, sometimes for a week or more.  This would be unacceptable if the local Council’s food safety inspector audited the venue.

At one venue recently audited, after 20 minutes of searching, the acting head chef advised that the Food Safety Program and temperature and cleaning logs could not be found because “the Head Chef is on leave”.  That comment indicated that the logs had not been completed at all since the Head Chef went on leave.

This excuse would not be accepted by FoodSafe or the Council Officer.

It is essential that our venue partner managers inspect the venue’s Food Safety Program’s logs on a weekly basis to ensure they are completed.