Emergency Evacuation Plan Must be Current and Displayed

Emergency Evacuation Plan Must be Current and Displayed

Posted January 27, 2015

The occupational health and safety Act 2008 requires venues to have current Emergency Evacuation Plans displayed prominently.

Recent audits of venues by LBA have found that some venues have plans that are either out-of-date, current plans that are not prominently displayed, or no emergency evacuation plans at all.

LBA recently responded to a venue partner that had a plan that became redundant after a refurbishment.  Worksafe signaled that they were going to do an Occupational Health and Safety audit at the venue.  LBA was able to produce a current Evacuation Plan for the venue within 24 hours.

Whilst these time frames are not always possible, the response is always rapid.

If your venue does not have a current Emergency Evacuation Plan and would like to have one developed, please email jim@leighbarrett.com.au