CCTV Monitor Should be Monitored at All Times

CCTV Monitor Should be Monitored at All Times

Posted January 27, 2015

Staff surveillance of customers in the gaming room is a major component of responsible gambling/customer care, but is also important from a venue security perspective.

Where direct lines-of-sight are not possible from the cashier’s station to any part of the gaming room or any gaming room entrance/exit the venue must rely on the CCTV cameras to monitor the blind spots.

Often venues only have the TV monitor displaying the surveillance images in the manager’s office, strongroom or other location, but do not have a monitor also at the cashier’s station.  This means that there is little effective staff surveillance of the gaming room’s blind spots at times when the manager is not in his/her office or nobody is in the strongroom.

This issue was identified by the VCGLR at a recent application hearing and stated its concern when reliance is placed on video monitoring when the monitor is not at a location that it can be viewed at all times.

LBA recommends that venues also have a CCTV monitor at the cashier’s station in the gaming room as well as elsewhere in the venue.