Julie Barrett

Julie Barrett

General Manager - LBA Operations

CEO - Somers Elite Training

Julie Barrett is LBA General Manager- Operations & CEO of Somers Elite Training, our affiliated registered training organization.

Known throughout the industry as a highly knowledgeable specialist in professional development, training & support, Julie has maintained her professional reputation as a no fuss, no drama, can-do industry expert.

Based on her previous decades in the Human Resource/ Training and Hospitality/ Retail Management fields, Julie ensures the team at Somers Elite are committed & focused on servicing the exact needs of our clients with skill, integrity & professionalism.

For many years Somers Elite Training has operated on-site and on-line RSA, RSG, Food Safety, Customer Care & specialised training for a huge cross section of the industry, focusing on real experience, accurate information and practical support to assist venues ensure their teams are confident & compliant.

This commitment is what has brought Somers Elite Training and Leigh Barrett Associates together in 2016, and we are extremely proud to have Julie and her team at SET on-board.