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We are committed to First Class Regulatory Compliance

With extensive experience across all aspects of the hospitality industry, the team at Leigh Barrett & Associates are all leaders in their field and trusted by our clients for their expert advice and in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the hospitality regulatory environment.

Ultimately a higher standard than any regulation or code, this commitment to the well being of their customer base ensures our client venues are the preferred destination for those patrons seeking a safe and highly desirable social environment.

This highest level standard of responsible service practices advocated by Leigh Barrett & Associates ensures that our advice is accurate, our responses are timely and our solutions are cost effective.

Trusted Partners in Regulatory Compliance & Training

Through our commitment to best practice, our comprehensive suite of service modules is designed to provide licensed venue managers with a sophisticated back up service that allows them to get on with what they do best - managing and growing their business.

Stringent compliance requires monitoring, training, evaluation and best practice (continuous improvement). As we all know, the hospitality business is complicated, detailed and time consuming, making it increasingly difficult for management to ensure they are always across all aspects of the regulatory requirements imposed by government. That's precisely where we fit in. To inform, measure and improve the compliance and best practice elements of your business.

From Board Governance, Risk Management, Responsible Gambling, Liquor Compliance, WH&S through to Food Safety, Anti-money Laundering, Armed Robbery Awareness and a range of professional development and accredited training modules, our ability to navigate the potential minefield of regulation and compliance is unparalleled anywhere in Australia.

We Are Here To Support And Help Build Your Business Operations

Whatever your needs, Leigh Barrett & Associates is equipped to respond with the ability to access a wide range of premier resources. Our consultants possess significant portfolio expertise across the full gamut of a remarkable range of business disciplines that’s why we are a leading business development service provider to venues who strive to run their business to the highest possible standards.

Our network of hospitality and educational resources extends across Australia, ultimately providing your business with a fully integrated service.

The benefits to your business are clear :

  • Cost effective, simplified development framework
  • Seamless integration with your strategic and tactical business plans
  • Reliable and dependable delivery of services
  • Expert advice and on-going assistance with all aspects of regulatory changes, venue applications and planning processes
  • Career paths for management and staff through Somers Elite Training, our nationally registered training organization offering venue focused accredited training programs.

Our simple low cost management solutions are designed to professionally sort out and responsibly monitor every aspect of your regulatory compliance, mandatory training activities and business development requirements.